I’ve had a little spruce up. Do you like it? Nothing dramatically different – still pretty jazzy (in my opinion – and let’s face it, that’s the most important of them!?) but just a different sort of jazzy from before. Jazzy part 2.

A long overdue change. A long, long overdue change. Long, long, long.. Sorry. Yeah.

Where was I?

Oh – so I’m having a gallery day tomorrow. Take shit loads of photos. I’m hoping my eyeballs soak up inspiration like a sponge. I’m optimistic that when I return from whence I came, my brain will be fully saturated from inspiration. Dripping. Soggy.

So yeah, gonna go look at my arty stuff, go buy some supplies and I’m gon’ get my art back on.

So watch this space.


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You are all absolute baby cupcakes. I am sorry for my absence of late – I’ve been awful busy.

A big fat combination of job interviews, a super sunny weekend in Skegness with my boyfriend, insect bites so bad I briefly developed a limp and more job interviews. A few other things too although I think they are the most remarkable of the occurrences. Oh – except today I managed to accidentally drink gone off milk AND a coffee with flies in it.

Swings and roundabouts. When people say swings and roundabouts do they mean that they really like swings but they really dislike roundabouts? I feel like I should make my own version. Banana milkshake and butterflies! Being told that you have the job that you wanted and discovering there’s flies in the coffee minutes after downing your mug!

Oh did you miss that?! I got the job I was after! I never know how much I should disclose about work stuffs online. With this in mind, I think the closest to nothing said – the better. So without going into any more details, thank you all so much for your good happy thoughts! They worked REALLY well.

You should bottle them up and sell them on Amazon. You’d make a mint. Put them in a little bottle and mix it up with some fairy liquid. Spread them around with a big bubble wand. Waft them through large public spaces. All the ones that need them will catch them, the miserable fuckers will tut and avoid them. They’ll reach those who need them, anyway. So that’s most important of all.


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I’ve gone AWOL again, haven’t I?

I am so dreadfully sorry.

Well, no.


Not really. I’m not in the least apologetic.

Sorry – I lied.

I knew it was a lie as the words fell out of my finger tips but for the amount of effort per letter on this smelly laptop thing, they seem worth keeping hold of even if they are not worth the weightless space that they are written upon.

Poked upon.

Punched? No.

Wrong sensation. Pushed into. The malleable space between my thoughts and something more permanent.

LOTS of big changes. A few small ones. Most of the rest is much the same. I can’t talk now. Well.. again, lies. I could talk now but I have stuff to do which is unlikely to do itself.

Good things though. Very positive changes. Like a fluffy layer of candy floss in my grumpy pessimistic head space. Like glitter being poured into my ears and up my nostrils. Shake my head around a bit and see stars in my eyes. Okay so that last part was too much too far but I have painting ideas knocking around and not the means to paint them.

I just.. get scared. I’m scared of both feeling too much and at the same time not enough. They should be mutually exclusive, right? And yet in me they coexist.

Anyway, if you could cross everything for me I would be very much obliged. I am a strong believer in the power of positive thoughts. Send me a few and I will send a few back to you if my plans all roll into a big fat success.

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I don’t quite know where I have been. Here. Ish. A little bit there. Mostly no where. Or just beyond that. I haven’t been anywhere but I have been somewhere all at the same time.

I have lost my Good Pen that makes drawings Look Good.

I’ve only got the crappy ones left. The ones that make a mess of the lines and get the shading all wrong.

I’ve had words with them. Said – “look, I will give you a chance because we have been together for so, so long. But you must sort yourself out. Start pulling your weight. They are starting to notice and they think that you do not care. I’ve been making excuses for you. Fashioning elaborate stories about nothing as a distraction technique. But they are on to you. A little, but a little is enough. Like an awkward twitch of the nose that makes you start to think suspicious thoughts.


So anyone with eyes, ears, basic sensory reactions and/or a smart phone (some or any of the above) may be aware of how incredibly HOT and SWEATY and STORMY it is in the UK at the moment. I am so clammy that even my eyelashes are sweating one out.

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Hey Steph, before you get the train back to London can you take a photo of me with my painting?

I was more attached to this one than I realised. I made it a teeny while back as a present for Steph to cheer her up.


Excuse my knobbly knees. I’m trying out this whole “dungarees” fandango.

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Hey – you would not BELIEVE what came in the post last night? Addressed to “The Lovely Sarah” my mother strongly suspected that it may be a love letter..a vee day card that had long gone astray..a marriage proposal of sorts. Alas, Mother Orchard, it were none of the above. I had to stamp out those little flames by quickly reassuring her I had been Expecting Something In The Post.

It’s not too late to buy your own here.

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