Sometimes you must learn to live with the card you’ve been dealt. Mine isn’t a good one like a Queen of Hearts. But I like to think it’s some sort of diamond on a better day. A spade on a bad one. Card similes aside, the one I have been dealt does not involve grace or coordination. Somewhere (on the stairs at work this morning), somehow (I fell upwards, bruised my knee) it just occurred to me – somethings will never change. I will never be an acrobat. I never be a ballet dancer. If I had a go on a tightrope I would almost certainly fall to my death. I’m lucky if I can walk around a room without bumping into numerous things. But it’s okay, I’m not big on heights and dancing ain’t my fandango.

I have new (not new) art up in Boutique Planet in Bedford. I had a little swap around of my work that was in there previously so if you are ever in the vicinity y’all should go check that shit out.


(I might have screen captured that off of Insta. Oops, my bad)

Speaking of which – check them out on Instagram @boutiqueplanet

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Three pictures for y’all. It’s like Christmas has come early or something. Blah blah, etc etc.




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So perhaps I shouldn’t put this on here yet as it is a present for someone. But I can fairly confidently say that there is an almost zero chance of the lady seeing this prior to being gifted this. Or hereby call me a terrible person. Don’t call me anything else though please cause I’m a bit of a delicate flower and your caustic words may burn my sensitive soul.

Soul, ha!


Confidence is not one of one key traits, it’s probably quite fair to say. I’m working on it. I keep trying. But things get in the way. I say things, I mean horrible people. Being insular is not a bad thing. I’m like my own private island. Sun, sea, sand and almost complete oblivion from everything and everyone else.

But what I was going to get to before the desert island fantasy invaded my brain is that I am very grateful for all of your support. Whether it is in regards to my writing or my art work, you are all lovely and you are all helping me with my..err.. I want to say issues but I don’t want to use the word ‘issues’.

Fuck man, we’ve all got shit going on.

There is no end goal with this. But when people buy my art.. I don’t know. I never want to lose that feeling it gives me. Everyone wants success of some sort even if they don’t know what they want it in.

LOOK what you’ve made me do! I hate you all!

I just never want to find myself churning out faceless, bland nothingness that’s all.

That’s all that I was trying to say.

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I love great quotes. You love great quotes. Your mum loves great quotes. We all love great quotes. Everyone. Except those ones who don’t love great quotes. But we don’t talk much about them folk.



I’ve booked to get my new tattoo on Thursday. I feel well nervous. It is worth mentioning that I have the pain threshold of a very sensitive peach.

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This accidentally ended up being much more realistic than I had intended. Now the key question here is do I paint it? Colour block it in, sort of thing. Like super bright, vivid stylee. I say this like it is a question. I’m going to end up doing it anyway.


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