I’m squinting at her. Trying to work out if I’m brave enough to risk an ear. Risky business, this whole drawing-with-biro malark.

I wish I had a white pencil on me. She is nothing without highlights. I can only do so much. I am happy with the depth. Accuracy is something I always struggle with. I’m better at catching emotions rather than precision but I guess that this is something I will improve on over time.

Fuck my life I am tired. Several nights of staring at the ceiling, pretending to sleep. When will my stupid body learn that I need sleep more than I need oxygen?

The thought of insomnia is a nightmare to me. Well, would be if I could get some flipping shut eye.

I feel as though I have been swallowed whole and then spat back out again.

In happier news, it’s only 23 days until I go to Berlin!

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“I like the weird drawings you do of strange faces.”


I sort of copied my own style. Wait, no. If it’s mine then I can just copy, copy, copy away – right? Not stealing. Recycling. Sort of. Oh well it doesn’t matter.

I don’t care. You don’t care. None of us care. But – do you like it, though? Just a quickie on the train.

I managed to smash my headphones to pieces, forget my book… forget.. everything. There was a strange lady sat next to me that insisted on having a full on animated conversation with her new born baby. So I decided the most normal way of negating the awkwardness around me was to draw a big picture.. loosely based on a previous drawing.. loosely based on a photograph of me face.

She peered over a few times, obviously growing bored of her weird one way conversation. I hate people watching me draw. It makes me feel a bit sick. Heaps of pressure, y’know. I feel like I’m waiting for a “Ha – you’re shit, what even is that?” Or worse still, “hey, can I have a go?” NO. No you cannot. 

It doesn’t matter. This doesn’t matter. I’m not sure why I am typing these words. They don’t make for an interesting read. Yadda, yadda, blah blah. 








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Happy chocolate egg day folks! I hope the first thing you did when you rolled over and exposed your eyeballs to the fresh shiny day light this morning was ram an entire Easter egg into your mouth. Smashing the shell on the front of your face and letting as much fall into the gaping hole that is your mouth as possible.

Erm.. Just me..?

I am an ungodly woman so the religious aspects are lost on my small closed off mind.

So on Friday my beautiful bezza Steph shaved her head for Mind. It was a strangely emotional experience. Made ever more so by the fact that the clippers kept breaking so the event turned into an ordeal in which we all took turns hacking chunks of her hair off with a pair of kitchen scissors. Wow, long sentence alert.

So, as I suspected she is still a total babe and three quarters. Of all the people that I know, Steph would suit being Baldilocks and the No Hairs the most.


This photo of Stephie and her boyf makes my heart ache, its so adorable. I sound like I am so in love with her. Steph… If you’re reading this now, I have something to confess…

No. Bless her. She deserves some sort of award for the amount of times shes helped me. Just last night she spoke to me on the phone for half an hour whilst I cried because I had drank too much gin. I’m a reet classy bird.

Some photos of my weekend. Just because. When I say ‘because’ I sing the song from the Wizard of Oz in my head. That’s normal, right?






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Ah so my sister moved out of home. Boo boo sob sob. I’m all lonely and sad..


My mum has let me turn her now empty room into a “studio.”

My big fat plans to be able to paint ginormous paintings have come true.

This one is a big old gal. 1 metre by 1 metre. She isn’t quuiiiiiite finished but as always, I will show you the almost dry, almost finished version.


The Real Deal won’t be greatly different. A few more layers on the old sharpie and she is good to go.

This is exactly what I meant when I said that I would much rather wait until I paint something that I love rather than showing off things that I can’t stand the sight of. I am well happy with this one.

In unrelated news, the more avid of readers out there will know that I recently posted about my friend Steph. She is raising money for the mental health charity Mind.

She has done phenomenally well and raised her £1000 target in less than 24 hours. She tore her target a new one! As a result she bumped the baldification forward 6 weeks and will be shaving her noggin on Friday. If you’re curious as to what I am doing this weekend, I can tell you now that it will involve mass alcohol consumption and a good old go with a pair of hair clippers.


She is so brave it makes my eyes water a little bit. She has helped me endlessly over the years. Times when I’ve wanted nothing more than to hide in my bed for a week and work my way through a variety pack of Walkers, she has forced me up and out and cheered me up endlessly. A bloody massive great big heart. And shortly, an alarmingly shiny scalp.

We need to get this up to £2000.

Come on!

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Sometimes I question my sanity. No, no. I know that sometimes you question my sanity too. That’s cool, that’s okay. We’re all a big bunch of crazies. Crazy collective.

Sometimes I will refuse to walk on the cracks on the pavement. Sometimes I chew gum and then suddenly out of no where I will get the urge to throw up. I don’t, I won’t. I might.

All I can hope is that some day it will be all over the feet (or face) of someone of whom I care very little for. 

Nonsense is easy sometimes. 

Anyway, it’s easy to get carried away.

My initial thoughts blossomed into something truly odd above there.

Anyway, I’ve had a super jazzy, super productive day. I even dusted off my trainers and went for a run. 

Albeit, brief. 

So leading back to birth of this blog post – I went for a run. The Reason That This All Began.

Fair isle patterned socks covered with squirrels, check! A body covered in lycra, check! 

Now, instead of taking with me anything I may need – water, phone, keys..

Wedged a packet of Marlboro lights into my sports bra. Is this counterproductive? 


Okay, so my sister and I have been using Photo Booth like no one ever has before. These photos will fuel my artistic endeavours for the proceeding weeks. 

Watch this space.



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Yeah that’s my belly!

So yeah. I’ve thrown the towel in on my 365. It was nothing personal I assure you. I was struggling too much and I didn’t feel that I was producing enough posts of worth.

A big learning curve. And I got stuck in a corner approximately half way through the race. Were this Mario Kart, I have slipped on a banana and then I have been eaten by a ghost. Strapped to a rocket and been fired somewhere towards Jupiter.

I don’t know, I’m bullshitting. I’ve never been into computer games. Does that happen? I don’t know. I don’t care.

My brain isn’t wired that way.

Yawn, yawn, yawn.

I was going to leave the above picture as the curve of the face and the blob of the jaw shadow. As ever, I got a little Sharpie happy. Before I knew it I had drawn an ear. It’s all downhill from here, folks.

I hope you are all good and well!?

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I haven’t left you. I’ve left me.

Better to wait and have something to say and do, swing your arms around and show then to fluff up shit with shit and space fillers.

I’m sorry.

It’s not you, it’s me.

My stubborn temperament fuelled me for a while. Kept me going.

Well the going gone gave up the ghost.

Now it’s good words, good work, and good news.

Look at this nice spangly one. Look how it shines.


Do not fear, for I am still here if you need me.


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