Top to bottom: business cards, postcards and stickers. 

So I had a bit of a haul..

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Good evening ladies/gents/intelligent life forms,

How we all doing?

Yeah I’m alright ta. Bit tired y’know. But no big complaints so it’s all good – a rarity I know.

Strangest thing on my walk home from work. As far as heckles go, I think if I were to write a bucket list for them, Id be chomping my way down the list. I zone out, don’t notice most things until they try to run me over. So tonight, strolling back from work and a man cycles past and shouts – Yep, shouts “FUCKING HELL” in my face.

Like what does that even mean?

On a different note,


You may or may not have seen my last post. If not, why the hell not?!

It’s okay, better to join the party late then to not join the party at all.

To celebrate my love for y’all, I am giving away some free art.

To be in the running, all you gotta do is share my blog. Or my Facebook group. My Instagram. Like, whatever. Link me to it or let me know somehow. You don’t get extra prizes for creativity but I will think more fondly of you 💘

Friday 13th March I will put the names together and pluck one out of a hat. I am actually going to put the names in a hat. Id put them in a tom-bola if I had one but I have to work with the materials I’ve got.

I will announce the winner, pling me your address and jobs a good’un. You scratch my back, I sent you art. You know the drill.

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Hey shitheads,

So having had hit 60 thousand views on this wee old blog I have here, I have decided to give a little back.

A little back? What’s the catch?

Oh okay. You’re a clever bunch. There is literally always a catch. Like always, always. Super always. Totally, entirely always. If you think in life there is not a catch, you just haven’t been caught by it yet.

So what do you have to do?

Okay so share, tweet, update, share, share, tweet tweet. Update. Whatever your social media poison of choice. Just talk about my art, link people to this. Whatever floats your goat. Whatever jingles your bells. Tickles your pickle.

You don’t need to write me a sonnet or a gushing love note. Just do some sharing, link me, jobs a good’un.

PLEASE NOTE: you need to link me to it or notify me otherwise there’s no way you can be in the running. Ignorance is not always bliss. Particularly regarding the nature of this.

So on Friday 13th (March), I will put the names in my hat, pluck one out and send you a nice little freebie painting of my choosing.

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Some Friday morning philosophy for you (can you read it in your head as filosophy please? It works better in terms of alliteration)

So some Friday morning filosophy for you:

Is it better to believe a lie and forget or question the truth and remember?

Actually I’m not even sure if that is filosophy. But it’s a reoccurring thought in my head this morning. Like a penny in a tin can. Clink, clink, clink.

I am so full of head cold it is moving to the rest of my body. Like a body cold? My body is actually quite cold. I’m going to wrap up like a mofo before going out into the world today.

I got asked if I was okay at work yesterday. I was told I still don’t look like my normal self. I can’t quite remember how I am supposed to look normally so I am doing my make up a la Ru Paul’s Drag Race. I challenge anyone to call me pale today.

To show my appreciation of your support and the love you spread thicker than butter on bread, I’m going to do another little art give away competition shortly. Those longer serving of you may recall my one back last year. Deets to follow (I have to think of them first, huh?!)


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Me, my painting, my food. Colourful and such like. I’m sorry for the food photo – is there anything more dull? I’m just a biscuit bragger because it was all shiny and beautiful looking – it had some sort of two tone sheen over it.

I hate food photos. I have no interest unless I can taste it myself. What benefit is there for me to see a photo of your lunch unless I get to eat some of it? I’m just getting all up in yo grill because it’s pancake day. I don’t give a shit about your pancakes.

Anyway, I am a hypocrite and I hope you like my biscuit. I was stood in the park in the rain eating it, whilst watching a man with an owl.

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