Oh dangnabbit! Fiery fiddle sticks! Bearded Neptune’s tennis elbow!

There’s nothing like leaving a tube of Polyfilla in your boyfriend’s car boot to put a metaphorical fire blanket over your smouldering creative embers.

Poof! They’ve gone out. My plans. My dreams.. My.. yeah.

I will have absolutely no option but to pack away the paints and to whack on Netflix. 4 series and 7 episodes in, my brain is still not willing/able to enjoy Breaking Bad. But I’m surprisingly open minded.

I’m only a part time quitter. Not yet ready to go the whole hog.

The window, ever narrowing is yet to be completely closed. I’m almost over the fence but the laces on my Converse have gotten a little caught. Mid air, awkward stance. Don’t judge me. Fraying. I’ll give up on MY terms when I am completely sure I’m done. You got that?

Yeah, that’s what I thought.

Was that a little OTT on the creative imagery? Are you not sure what/where/when to feel when? Sorry/not sorry.

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Based on an photograph from a particularly eerie series by Arthur Tress. Go on, have a little google. You’ll like it I think. Well if you like things that are a bit creepy and strange. Yeah OKAY – I like creepy and strange. Stop wasting time – what are you waiting for? Go! Be gone!

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Okay so I have set myself the challenge of making a super lumpy, very textured painting. Shit loads of colour. Something visually stimulating.

If you saw my post from yesterday – I skipped a description because I wanted the photographs to speak for themselves – that was part one.

This is part two. I’m not sure how many ‘parts’ there will be. But you just know when you’re done, right? So you’ll just have to be patient. It’ll be worth it, I promise. Or your money back.*


* when I say ‘or your money back’ I mean ‘piss off’.





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An appropriate title as I took approximately 243 photos this weekend. My eyes are heavy. The bags under my eyes are heavier. Soon I will do some snoozing but first I must show you some photos of some wonderful art work.

They said we wouldn’t.. They said we couldn’t.. There might have been the suggestion in there somewhere that we shouldn’t.. But we did it. Central London on a Saturday, Jamie and I managed to get to three exhibitions in three separate places.

We went to Somerset House, Beers Contemporary and then to the Tate. I could put more deets but as I said, I’ve got some beauty sleep to get on with so for now, visual stimulation is all you are going to get.


















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I’ve had a little spruce up. Do you like it? Nothing dramatically different – still pretty jazzy (in my opinion – and let’s face it, that’s the most important of them!?) but just a different sort of jazzy from before. Jazzy part 2.

A long overdue change. A long, long overdue change. Long, long, long.. Sorry. Yeah.

Where was I?

Oh – so I’m having a gallery day tomorrow. Take shit loads of photos. I’m hoping my eyeballs soak up inspiration like a sponge. I’m optimistic that when I return from whence I came, my brain will be fully saturated from inspiration. Dripping. Soggy.

So yeah, gonna go look at my arty stuff, go buy some supplies and I’m gon’ get my art back on.

So watch this space.


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You are all absolute baby cupcakes. I am sorry for my absence of late – I’ve been awful busy.

A big fat combination of job interviews, a super sunny weekend in Skegness with my boyfriend, insect bites so bad I briefly developed a limp and more job interviews. A few other things too although I think they are the most remarkable of the occurrences. Oh – except today I managed to accidentally drink gone off milk AND a coffee with flies in it.

Swings and roundabouts. When people say swings and roundabouts do they mean that they really like swings but they really dislike roundabouts? I feel like I should make my own version. Banana milkshake and butterflies! Being told that you have the job that you wanted and discovering there’s flies in the coffee minutes after downing your mug!

Oh did you miss that?! I got the job I was after! I never know how much I should disclose about work stuffs online. With this in mind, I think the closest to nothing said – the better. So without going into any more details, thank you all so much for your good happy thoughts! They worked REALLY well.

You should bottle them up and sell them on Amazon. You’d make a mint. Put them in a little bottle and mix it up with some fairy liquid. Spread them around with a big bubble wand. Waft them through large public spaces. All the ones that need them will catch them, the miserable fuckers will tut and avoid them. They’ll reach those who need them, anyway. So that’s most important of all.


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