I will give you a heads up. A warning. The presentation of this post is going to be maybe a 1/10. 2 maybe, if I am being really over generous. But I’m ill and I can’t be arsed. I didn’t even have the energy to get dressed this morning so you are bloody lucky you are getting anything at all. Yeah that’s right, suck it up. I can see the sun from where I am laying. I want to go lay in it but I can’t be bothered to move. If I pay you a fiver will you carry me?

SO why am I here today? Oh you know what I don’t have a clue. I wanted to tell you all that my work is now being displayed on Art Spread:

My bio is dreadful but I really struggle writing about myself. I know that sounds ridiculous 450 blog posts along, but I struggle to write about myself in a serious, selling myself sort of way. Just ain’t ma fing. I write and tell stories but I can’t think of how to describe my art in 700 words. Even if they said “15 words will do” I would struggle. But go check the website out. You might find some nice artists on there. Obviously I am on there too but I’m not a nice one. 

And whilst you are at it, those of you who have not seen it already should check out me Etsy:


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Weird things happen to me. A lot. Yeah, yeah, you are thinking I’m paranoid. Pessimistic. All of the P’s. But listen up. I have a new weird. Not your average weird. 

So I am friends with a very talented tattooist. I won’t fling names around because he is well talented (and well known) and it would sound like name dropping. He’s a clever old stick anyway and let’s leave it at that. 

A couple years back he drew a flipping amazing picture of me. Beautiful. I thought at the time..wow, maybe I do not look like a troll who should live under a bridge and eat babies after all. It was lovely. Is lovely. Yeah.

So earlier he advised me that someone had stolen this picture. Copied him and not credited him. Shame on you, I thought in my head to this anonymous stranger like they could hear me and like they had a conscious. 

Yeah stolen it. But they made a couple of amendments. LIKE ADDING A BEARD. THEY STOLE A PICTURE OF ME. AND ADDED A BEARD. A BEARD. 

At least I now know what I would look like with one.

I debated commenting on it and saying something along the lines of “dude?!” But then I remembered this wee olde blog I got here.

She has not credited him. I have cropped her name off and will not be crediting her either. But since it is my face I don’t feel the need. I feel very strongly about art as you may have gathered. I would be gutted if someone stole one of my pictures and passed the idea off as their own. Being successful does not make it a free for all. 


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This one. Because the painting is old but as I put the images on my laptop I laughed at how strange I am standing. 

I need to do more painting. It clears my mind. I am worried I will never make something good again. I worry about worrying and the worry expands until it’s all I can think about and 3 weeks have gone by without me having done so much as lift a pencil. 

I love art. I love painting. It switches my brain off. But it’s another thing for me to obsess over. It’s an identity. I sometimes feel as though it is 9/10s of me and I wonder who I was before. I can’t remember who I used to be. Does anyone else ever get that? 

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I can’t draw anymore. My lucky pens have dried up. My brain has dried up. I can’t see it but if I could I imagine it would look like one of those natural sponges. Those expensive ones you can buy in expensive shops and they’re all dry and hard and you can scrub your body with them. My brain is like that. I am like that. Except you can’t scrub your body with me. 

Photos. Fotos. Fo toes. Potatoes. It was my sisters Hen Do on the weekend. I am just about feeling in a sub category of human again. There are still sequins in the bath once I drain it. I don’t really know where they could still be coming from at this point. I don’t really want to think about it. Don’t think about it. No, stop. I said don’t think about it. But oh how they sparkle.




And.. These are the only ones I got (took loads of selfies before I went out, don’t judge me…) So there you go. I’m hoping I will remember to take more photos at the wedding. There’s every chance. 

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They arrived. I was super stoked right up until 1.5 seconds after opening the packaging to find cello tape had stuck itself to one of them. I pulled.. Image ripped.. I tried to do it very gently.. Still peeling.. I went and got tweezers. Nope. Nah. Beyond saving. Stupid print. Only wanted two anyway.. 

A few swear words were said. I may have done a bit of pacing. Pulled some faces. Muttered angry things to myself for a bit. And then I remembered it’s only paper and it just does not matter one bit.



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MYSCAN_20150326_0004.jpg small


I am so tired. I am so tired that yesterday I tried to open my front door with my credit card. I didn’t get far, as you may imagine.

Scraping away, like it was security card access.

ANYWAY I have lost my mind a little and have ordered more prints than I have fingers and toes. DO you like the above? OR just fancy a nose around?




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Painting, pout, night night x

Ps. Go check out my Etsy: sezzzzle.etsy.com

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