So 2015 has gotten off to a pretty jazzy start.

I currently have some work up in an exhibition in Bedford – at Animal Studio and Gallery.

If you happen to be local, please go have a gander. It will be up until the 7th February. I totally nicked the below photo so I am sorry to whoever took it.


If you’re feeling frivolous, go hang a right and ‘like’ my Facebook page. Your love and support is very much appreciated.

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Two posts in one day?! I know. I am spoiling you rotten. You’ll come to expect too much. Take, take, take and there will be nothing more to give.

So anyway I’m back here today because I have thoughts whirring around in my head and I just want to get them down, y’know.

SO.. I am thinking of getting some prints made of some bits. Firstly, I don’t have a clue how to go about this. But if I were to work this out, would this be something you lot would be interested in? I would obviously have to have a big fat think and decide which bits to go for. Colour texture blobs? Black and white jobbies? Full colour paintings?

I used Etsy for the briefest of moments last year but it didn’t really do it for me. I kind of work at the moment on a as-per-request basis and it didn’t fit for me.

Basically I would love some advice. What has worked for you? Recommend any companies? I want quality but not at a huge expense (who doesn’t?!) Best sites to use to sell? I’m not in this for some massive profiteering venture – just want to get my stuff out there and known.

Colour, colour, colour, lumps for all.

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I’ve been on an absolute art roll this week.


By the end of this I was cross eyed, hunchbacked. Bore an uncanny resemblance to Quasimodo, actually now I think about it.

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Happy new year! Oh..I’m a little late, aren’t I? Just a bit.

2014 was a good year. I’m optimistic that 2015 will be an even better one.

Had a fortune cookie that other day that read “..big things are coming your way”.

Could be read in all hells, all bells, all number of ways.

Is it general?

Is it very specific?

Have the stars aligned and borne down this specially hand crafted by angels and angles message giving me an insider scoop of things to come?

Have 12 other people who have gotten a Chinese tonight received the same message?

Is it secretly rude but I am too innocent to pick up on it?

Did I misread it and it actually said “no big things are coming your way.”

Who knows, who cares? What I can tell you is that the cookie tasted like crap and the only reason I finished eating it was because I felt committed to the act once I had started it.

New year, new sparkles.


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So.. I don’t know, you might be thinking it isn’t finished or whatever. But it is. So forget it, you.

Are you feeling all fat and content post Christmas stylee? I’m hoping that I’m not the only one who both ate and drank too much?

It was all going well until I had a big fat allergic reaction to a glass of wine. It looked as though I had used beetroot juice as some sort of war paint and I was about to declare some sort of one woman war. The burning itch under my skin was not one of my better memories of this Yuletide.

I took a photo of course. Though I would never show you.

I am too delicate. I wonder if sometimes I am just not for this world. I need one where everything is soft and soothing. No dolphin music though. Fuck that. Harps, marshmallows and snugly blankets. Maybe some tiny little fluffy dogs with itty bitty, teeny tiny faces carrying custard creams in their miniature mouths. Someone employed solely to stroke my hair. Nothing would irritate me. I wouldn’t be worried or paranoid. I wouldn’t think too much because the space where my brain used to be would be full of cotton wool, glitter and some PVA glue to stick it together. That complete serene stage between waking up from a long, long sleep and engaging with the wide awake world. So relaxed that you have to uncurl your arms and legs just to take a big enough gulp of air.

I would be totes zen, yah.

I think you get the jist.

Anyway, I want that. That’s going on my list for next year. Come on, FC.

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Happy almost Christmas. Are you ready? Have you shopped until you’ve dropped? Are you reading this lying on the floor?

I think I’m about done. Now I’m in the space between where I’m eyeing up prospective presents with one eye whilst staring at the wrapping paper with the other. Eyes in opposite directions. Like the complete opposite to being cross eyed. Opposite eyed. I’m lying, I’m not really. I’m just sort of hoping if I leave it long enough they will wrap themselves.

Whilst I ponder this conundrum I think it’s right about time I whacked on another episode of Game of Thrones. It’s got it’s hooks well and truly into me. Sunken right into my skin. I know, I know. I’m so late I almost missed the party. The boat sailed off. I didn’t catch up but I’m somewhere in between and somewhere in between just happens to be the place I like best.


There’s much more to this one but it’s a bit rudey nudey. I was feeling full up with inspo after the Egon Schiele exhibition a weekend plus one back. Breathtakingly beautiful. I’ve always thought I need to work on my bodies. I haven’t got them down. Anything lower than a neck I struggle. It’s all practice I know. If you have the chance, DEF go check it out. (Courtauld Gallery, London.)

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I can’t sleep. My eyes won’t stop blinking and my brain will not stop whirring away. I’d have words but I’m not sure if it would become part of the solution – I feel more realistically as though it will add to the problem.

It’s been one of those days I think. I should have known it would be a weird one the moment I bit into my KitKat to discover there was NO wafer in it. Yeah, I shit you not. Two long skinny slabs of chocolate. I nibbled it some more, unsure of whether unbeknown to me, I had stumbled into some sort of parallel universe. I checked my watch to check the arms were not revolving backwards. Nope – seems normal. Another nibble. Nah, still entirely chocolate.

I rubbed my eyes. They stung a little – I was then aware that I had rubbed some of the said chocolate into my eyes.

An all round disaster. A delicious disaster. Blink, blink, blink. Aah that’s okay, I can see now.

Anyway, I painted the below based upon a well jazzy photograph by the lovely Erin Veness (www.comadiary.com)


I’m off to see an exhibition of work by Egon Schiele tomorrow. To say I’m freaking excited does not quite cover it. It doesn’t even slightly. It would be like the equivalent of a well rushed, badly phrased introduction to a topic written by someone who knew nothing of the subject matter.

Maybe that’s why I’m still awake.

Well I’m going to go do that thing where people who can’t sleep turn off all the lights and lie still in the dark pretending that they are asleep (until they eventually fall asleep).



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