Facebook has helpfully informed me that this photo is 3 years old.

Firstly, wow I look like a different person. Note to self: never go back to your natural hair colour.

Secondly it made me realise just how far I have come with my artwork. Want to know my secret? There is literally no secret. Just stick with it. If you enjoy it just keep doing it. And you will get better. It doesn’t happen overnight, you have to put a lot into it and don’t give up. 

Don’t give up when you don’t feel good enough. Or when other people tell you that you aren’t good enough. Maybe your work will be passed over for other people’s. Forget those people and just keep doing what you enjoy. Onwards and upwards, don’t they say? 

I mean I know how this sounds. I don’t mean to preach like I’ve “made it” but I have found what I enjoy and I intend to carry on. Perhaps I will write a similar post in another three years, looking back with embarrassment at my present efforts. I mean I almost hope that I do because that means I will be stronger then than I am now. 

I’ve drawn and painted all my life. I just never had any confidence in what I could produce. I didn’t want to show anyone because I didn’t want them to judge me.

Anyway preaching and mushing aside (no need to be a wet lettuce, right?) I also want to thank you all for reading my blog! Last night I hit 70,000 views which is insane. I must be doing something right if you weirdos keep coming back. Thank you for your support! Your likes, your comments… Some of the affectionate messages I have received over the years in my email inbox (!)


I was given a plant recently. It basically just looked like a pot of soil. The tiniest bit of green just breaking through. Perhaps this is odd, my first ever plant at 25 – it just has never occurred to me to actually buy one for myself. Too much trouble, I thought. It probably won’t grow anyway, with me looking after it. With the best intentions in the world, I find it a struggle to even look after myself properly sometimes. Anyway, with minimal attention it grew rapidly over the first few weeks. It grew so much that my sister encouraged me to name it. Name a plant? Uh, okay.. So, Sisqo was doing so well. I thought I had this down.

Anyway, Sisqo turned brown and died. Now it is shrivelled and brown. Sisqo pretty much died before my eyes, each day I’d get to work and it would look worse and worse. Now it sits in front of me – what had so much potential is back to just being a pot of dirt. Do you give up? Do you try again? Do you wait for something more?



I went to see the World Goes Pop exhibition at the Tate Modern yesterday. It was fantastic. Now, I will not pretend that I know anything about art – I know as much as the next person (painting does not mean you know art, just that you like creating it)! I just like what I see/don’t like what I see/don’t understand what I see but I will stand for a moment too long to stare at it.

world goes pop

So on an unrelated note, I am now part of the glasses club. I won’t lie, it felt like a sign of old age and I was initially devastated because if nothing else, if I ever were to become a character on the board game ‘Guess Who?’, I would now have entirely different defining characteristics. No one would bother to mention my earrings, that would take far too long. They’d dive straight in with a “..does your person wear glasses?” and if the answer was no I would be flopped over with no further consideration.

On the other hand – and I am yet to decide whether this is a plus or a minus – my glasses do seem to be making┬áme more approachable. This test is in it’s infant stages, too few cases to be considered scientifically valid (I am trying to remember other phrases we had to use in GCSE Science). Something about a bunsen burner and litmus paper. In LONDON, throughout my day, I had three separate people approach me with questions. One woman couldn’t work out how to use the ticket machine, one man needed to know the different between Kings Cross and St Pancras and another lady produced a vial out of her coat pocket and wanted to know exactly what serum can do for your face..!

I confidently bullshitted all three people, of course. That is the good thing about London, I am highly unlikely to ever see any of them again.




Hey y’all. So new year, first new painting? It is pissing it down outside and I am sat in my bed, drinking a cup of tea and writing this blog post. If there is a better way to spend a Sunday morning, I am not going to waste my time fighting you for it.

So my painting seemed to take on a more uniform, more… “together” (for want of a better word) look. Which I find extremely visually appealing. The paint seems to be drying into more of a matte look which I Love with a capital L.





Happy 2016! 2015 was an interesting one – some ups, some downs, some round and rounds. What’s the use of dwelling, eh?! 

I am not going to write a list of failings and achievements, but just to say that I like where things are headed and I hope they keep heading that way. Just keep doing what makes you feel happy. Push yourself too. Do things that make you feel uncomfortable. Put yourself out on the line every so often. It isn’t always going to pay off but when it does it will be worth all the times it didn’t.