I’ve decided that at times, the creative process can feel a bit mad. It’s done. It’s not done. Something is missing but I don’t know what. I’m tearing it up and I’m starting again. Oh wait, that works now. Now it’s done. 

And on that note, here are sections from my latest painting:






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I gave this ol’ gal a face lift on Photoshop. I’m slowly getting there with figuring out how to use it. I’m not a natural with technology. Funny, as I’ve grown up around it but I really should be better with computers. Maybe one day I will get there. Just in time for them to be replaced with something even more confusing.

I was contacted yesterday by someone at Artsy.net – whilst researching Tracey Emin they found my page as I have written about her previously. Their mission is to make art accessible to anyone.

I was asked if I could link their Tracey Emin page and – as a ginormous fan I was more than happy to. Why the hell not?

So if you’re feeling nosey go have a look around on the below link:


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Neeeeeeew exhibition alert! 
If you are in Bedford over the next week and were planning on attending Bedfringe 2015 festival you should go and check out ‘Stages’, Animal Studio and Gallery and The Circus of Illustration’s collaborative exhibition. It’s on between 23rd July – 1st August.

I have a shiny sparkly number up on the wall so if that can’t lure you there then goddamnit, nothing can. 


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So I’m sat here eating a Cornetto. Yeah, and I’m writing a blog post at the same time. I’ve got mad multi tasking skills. The alternative being that I’m just not devoting the attention that this little cone of joy deserves. That or this will be my worst post yet. I will let you decide that one.

It’s just a photo of my face today. I can’t do paintings every day. Well, I could, and at one point I think I did. But who has the space for that?


I’ve a feeling I will start to lose followers, Facebook friends.. Real life friends. Family members will become hard to reach.. If I continue to plug my Etsy shop as much as I do. But hey, all my art profits go straight into my savings and hey, shortly I will have a Masters degree to pay for. There’s method in my harassment. 

So if you have a minute you should go look at my shop. 



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heart art

A newbie on my Etsy! Exciting times! https://www.etsy.com/listing/240941920/if-your-heart-is-broken

I don’t know about you, and I am happy to accept this is probably due to my inexperience and incompetence, but how can something that took me less than 5 minutes to originally draw take me 4 hours to Photoshop? There’s something not quite right there. Anyway, I’m well pleased with the results so atleast my obsession to detail came through for me. 

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I had a really good hospital appointment today. A really good one because I didn’t cry. Through all other intents and purposes it was a shit, disheartening, pointless waste of my time. There were not even any magazines snappy headlines like “Being 50 stone won’t stop me having sex with pineapples” or “I bathe in gravy and I’m in love with my step-mom”. You know what I mean, you know the score. The pages are so thin and decrepit that merely the action of lifting the magazine from the side table is enough to shred it. 

Or maybe I’m just incredibly heavy handed. 


I’m not at the end of my tether because I never really had one. I am just tired. Frustrated. I’m doing a lot to control my diabetes and I am waiting for positive results, but all I seem to get is contradictory medical jargon. Sent round in circles but they seem to forget I’ve already been round it 12 times and I know what comes next. 

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