Right folks, I’m giving it another go.. I’m getting back on that Etsy horse:


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I may be at least 10 years behind the rest of the world, but this made me laugh so hard tea came out of my nose. So what’s mine is yours, I hope you choke on your liquids too.

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Goooood morning! I write this, tucked up in bed with a coffee. I don’t want to get up – I never really want to get up – but luckily as it is a Sunday, I have no real need to. 

I appreciate that I am very harsh on myself – I can blame my brain or whatever. I think it’s more likely just the way that I am. But I am trying to learn to accept and acknowledge the things I have achieved – if you told me 5 years ago I would have my work up in a gallery – and that people who weren’t my immediate friends and family wanted to BUY it.. I would have laughed at you. Possibly told you to eff off. That said, a year ago I would have said the same. I know I should not diminish my achievements, even if I don’t feel very confident in them. 

Blah blah blah that part is over you will be happy to hear. You probably don’t think I do much with my life anymore – I probably have turned into a little bit of a recluse. I am moving out of home this year – about time at the age of 24 – but I’ve made various excuses (some valid and some less so) since moving back from university a far too long time ago. My health.. My health and well, pretty much my health. For anyone who knows the first thing about type 1 Diabetes, you’ll just nod and say “mhmm”. 

So it is all very exciting. You would have probably had to have been there to find it as hilarious as I did, but I went to see a house yesterday with a bath the size of a large sink. According to the estate agent, this was “standard” size and “no smaller than usual”. He had little assurance to offer when I asked if the previous tenants had to call the fire brigade every time they had a bath. In hindsight, I wish I had asked him to climb in to it to demonstrate that it was of normal size. Hindsight you bitch – I could have laughed at that mental image for MONTHS. 

Anyway, in reference to my artwork, I will from now on be selling prints. I need to find an online store that works for me – so you know, the amount of stress I have put myself under trying to arrange these (entirely undeservedly, I will add) that if you purchase a print you will literally be buying a bit of my anxiety. That sounds insane I do realise, but it is pretty much true. My approach to a lot of things in life is to get really stressed and then decide to avoid it entirely. But I’m trying to be proactive rather than reactive. 


(Yes, I took a photo of my computer screen..)  So proactive me shall be selling prints. They will be faces in the mean time since unfortunately my textured paintings are almost entirely impossible to do anything with. 

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Bad things come in threes. Bad things come in threes. That’s true yeah, right? I like to think so. I do mostly believe so. Bad things come in threes. 

So respecting your feelings, I will respectfully gloss over my traumatic hospital appointment this morning. I am wary it is around dinner time as I write this and I would hate to put you off your chicken dinner. Let’s just say I am traumatised and will remain so until something else more traumatic happens. I am back having incredibly vivid dreams again at the moment so if any part of them involves a bumless hospital gown, stirrups and polite conversations about the weather.. I will be having stern words with my subconscious. 

So walking back from the hospital, I now have two giant blisters on the bottom of my feet. I’ve spent the day like Monty Python’s Ministry of Silly Walks. And each and every one of them hurts. 

Now maths has and never will be my forte but I make that three. Counting each blister as its own separate piece of bad luck..?

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Happy Mother’s Day to y’all. 

And an especially happy Mother’s Day to the bestest (and strangest) one of them all. Hey – I had to come from somewhere. Don’t they say the apple does not fall far from the tree? 

There is quite a strong possibility she will murder me for that photo, so if she does, you read it here first.

I still look just as ugly when I cry. 

Anyway I am sorry I have absolutely shit all photos from the Alexander McQueen exhibition at the V&A yesterday. No photos and no sketches were allowed and I am such a rule follower. SUCH a rule follower. Not a rebellious streak in my whole body. So no photos. Oops.

Also I am sorry for the delay but the winner of my art giveaway fing was the lovely Sophie Yates. Super duper thank you’s to all of you lovelies who got involved! 

MWAH (a big wet one)! 

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I am sat in bed yelling at my laptop because ‘Bones’ is frustrating me so much. Take a break, eat ham straight out of the fridge like some kind of Neanderthal, do a bit of blogging, cover hair in Morrocan Oil. Press “play” and continue.

I am going to see the Alexander McQueen exhibition at the V&A this weekend. I don’t really get high end fashion and I do not pretend to have the first scooby about it. However, I can appreciate beauty and how inspiring it can be.

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Some photos from my weekend. And a drawing because why not?

My sister and I went to the opening soirée for the lovely Seventh Heaven in Bedford. Cake and champagne.. What more could you want in life? Oh yeah, a giant gold horse. Cake, champagne and a giant gold horse. Jobs a good’un. 

Remember folks, you have 3 days left to win some artwork! Scroll down for deets. 

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